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Back to One

When my days of life have ended
And my time on earth is done
I’ll lay my weary head down
And turn my face towards the sun.
I’ll hold a thought of you, dear,
As my heartbeats slow to none.
I’ll carry your love and laughter with me
On my journey back to One.


-Pam Donison


Quick Background: Pam is a good friend of Colleen and the girls.  She started out as Colleen’s attorney and quickly become a friend and confidant through the legal process and her battle with ovarian cancer.  Pam sent us this poem yesterday.  The subject of the email was- “From Colleen.”  This is what her email said: “Early this morning I was awakened with a poem — i had no idea why but it poured out already composed — and I feel certain Colleen was sending this to you…. I’m honored to be the messenger and please know I am holding you all in my heart. ”  We are so grateful for Pam and her calming spirit.  This poem was a sign that Colleen is ok.  It has provided a tremendous amount of peace for the girls.