Colleen's Journey


Back to One

When my days of life have ended And my time on earth is done I’ll lay my weary head down And turn my face towards the sun. I’ll hold a thought of you, dear, As my heartbeats slow to none. I’ll carry your love and laughter with me On my journey back to One.   [...]


We love you, Mom

Our best-friend and mother passed away surrounded by the love and comfort of her four daughters early this morning. She fought a long, difficult battle with ovarian cancer, but is now resting peacefully. Our precious mom lived her life gracefully and beautifully. We can all learn something from her amazing example. We ask that you [...]


The Walk Home….

Dearest family and friends – We have reached the point in mom’s journey that she is no longer able to receive visitors. Mom told her doctors this morning she would really prefer for the house to be quiet and calm. Her symptoms are increasing and the nurses are working very hard to keep her comfortable. [...]

New York

Reality Check

The last 32 days since we returned from Hawaii may have been some of the most excruciatingly painful, yet blissfully joyous days (in the most twisted of ways) possible. Time has moved at a snails pace, but also at a lightening speed. Mom rallied in the most incredible upswing the past two weeks. We went shopping, [...]

Photo 17

She gets what she wants.

So, here it goes. I haven’t blogged much about my feelings because, honestly, I am overwhelmed. My emotions swing on an hourly basis between anxiety, sadness and heartache. I feel as if I am in purgatory. I wonder who will I to turn to when I’m sad? When I’m happy? When I just need to [...]

Nicole and Gigi

Another Day…

I’d like to blog about butterflies and puppies and how we are making each moment the best it could possibly be, but I can’t. Life is so up and down right now. Mom has a good day and we think, “Hey, we are on the upswing!” She has a bad day and we think, “Sh*t! [...]

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In This Together….

I’m grateful and humbled to be able to express my feelings about a woman that I’ve admired for the past thirty years. Colleen is so much more than a “sister-in-law.” She’s one of my dearest friends. My go-to for advice, always listening with her open heart & open mind. She’s my sister. Jeff & I [...]

1963 All 8 Kids

Photos and Favorite Memories

Hello all, We have a favor to ask, if you have a favorite photo with Colleen, or a really special memory of any kind that you wouldn’t mind sharing, my sisters and I would love to compile them and share them with her (and likely at her services as well).  It would mean a great [...]