Colleen's Journey

Girls in Rain

A Long December…

As my sisters and I prepare for our first Christmas without our mom, I would like to reflect on last December. This time last year we were all focused on squeezing out every last minute and memory with our mom, as we thought it might be the last of our time with her. We celebrated [...]

Happy Birthday GiGi

I recently moved to Chicago…in part to escape the minute-by-minute constant reminders of what was missing, in part to explore my independence, and in part to honor one of our Mom’s greatest dreams. I have now been here for five weeks. I can’t help but think about how foolish I was to believe that running [...]

M N and C

Ovarian Cancer, Seriously?

Our mom was diagnosed with ovarian cancer on September 16, 2007.  Six years ago today.  It was Ovarian Cancer Awareness month and we, as a family, were certainly unaware. Mom’s symptoms were classic.  She had become increasingly more bloated and had severe abdominal discomfort over the previous month; her appetite was all but gone; she experienced [...]


6 Months? Already?

I apologize for the tardiness of our blogging. This summer has been incredibly busy and a lot has happened. Not a day has gone by where we don’t think about or talk about our mom. While our emotions have stabilized (haha – somewhat) and we are getting through the days easier, the triggers can be overwhelming. [...]

Time: Friend or Enemy?

It will soon be five months since our mom died.  I can’t tell if time is flying by or moving like molasses. On one hand, so much life continues to happen that when I sort through all of the events in my head, her death feels like a year ago.  But when I think about [...]


Baby Steps…..

Its June and its HOT in Arizona! I am anxiously awaiting July when our schedules lighten enough for us to spend a bunch of time at our cabin, where its always 35 degrees cooler! Glory! There is nothing like the sun shining through the pine trees and a cool breeze. Michelle and I have done tons [...]

Am I The Only One Counting Sheep?

I have to let this out because the grieving process has been difficult, to say the least. To be perfectly honest, the ups and downs are exhausting. One minute, I feel as if I have my arms wrapped around this process, and the next minute I’m in the throws of an emotional, painful wave of grief. [...]

Teal Eggs

Our First Mother’s Day Without Our Mother

Everyone told us our first Mother’s Day without our mom would be the worst.  We have nothing to compare it to so we can’t say for sure if this is true.  We can tell you it has been difficult. I can say this past week was been pretty bad for me.  Every commercial of women [...]